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About Us:

OWLIB.COM is a Free Web Directory, an Open Web Library of Links. We are located in Denver, Colorado, USA - "The Mile-High City". We take pride in being one of the best and cleanest directories on the Internet. Founded in 2005, our directory has many unique features:
  1. We are not just another Link Directory. Each and every submission is reviewed very carefully and only high quality sites are accepted.
  2. Best-of-breed/Latest Technology. All pages are generated dynamically using our proprietary technology. Alexa.com rates our speed as Very Fast, with an average load time of .7 seconds.
  3. An efficient and fast data search tool which uses fuzzy logic. Try our search box and you will be amazed, with the search results. Just search on name of a city (like: New York) and it will get you all the Temples, Restaurants, Grocery Stores, Movie Theaters, Travel Agents, Associations, Shops etc. in New York, in easy to browse pages.
  4. RSS Feeds. We provide live feeds of our directory's main categories, which you can view in My Yahoo, My MSN, iGoogle or any other RSS Reader.
  5. Live News from leading US Newspapers, updated instantly. Get a quick glimpse of headlines from Denver-Post to NY-Times all in one clutter-free webpage.
  6. Fast and Easy Submission Process. All paid submissions are reviewed within 48 hours.
  7. Fast and Clean Browsing Experience. No Pop Ups. No intrusive or distracting advertisements.
  8. Our directory helps promote Businesses and Professionals around the world, by showcasing them on the Internet and highlighting their achievements.
  9. One of the most efficient ways to boost your Business or Website traffic is by getting them listed on our Free Web Directory.
Feel free to contact us at dir@owlib.com, if we can be of further assistance.

Link to Us:

To link to OWLIB.COM from any of your web pages, simply copy the HTML code below and paste it into any web page.
OWLIB.COM - Free Web Directory - Add your URL - A general human indexed web directory offering paid inclusion of quality sites since 2005.

Submission Guidelines:

  1. A confirmation email will be sent to your email address with instructions for verifying your submission. All submissions need to be verified, before they can be reviewed by an Editor. Your submission will be automatically rejected, if not verified in 2 days. Please add dir@owlib.com to your email client's Safe Senders List.
  2. We only accept English Language sites.
  3. We may not accept sites that do not have proper contact details. That is: your site (business) should provide genuine contact details - physical address and phone number.
  4. We do not accept Articles, Blogs - unless they are paid submissions.
  5. Do not submit adult sites.
  6. Do not submit sites whose content is primarily affiliate marketing.
  7. Do not submit mirror sites that have the same content, but different URLs.
  8. Do not submit different URLs for the same business entity. Submit only your primary business website URL.
  9. Do not submit sites that are created only for Search Engines.
  10. Do not submit sites that redirect visitors to another site.
  11. Do not submit "coming soon" or not finished yet sites.
  12. Do not submit sites with popup windows that interfere with viewing the main content of the site.
  13. Do not submit sites containing offensive materials, hate, racist, fraud or those that facilitate or instruct others to engage in illegal activity.
  14. Do not submit sites containing pirate software or links to other sites that contain it.
  15. Do not submit sites selling or advertising weapons, ammunition, and other illegal products and activities.
  16. Do not submit sites selling or advertising prescription drugs, narcotics, steroids, controlled substances or other products that present a risk to consumer safety.
  17. Do not submit sites that support pyramid or ponzi schemes, matrix programs or other "get rich quick" schemes.
  18. Do not submit sites containing gambling, casino, other activity with an entry fee and a prize or links to other sites that contain these.
  19. Do not submit sites containing libel, materials violating the copyright, trademark, right of publicity or privacy.
  20. Do not use ALL CAPS in any of the submission form's fields/text.
  21. Our editors have the right to make any changes in the URL title, URL description, URL category, URL keywords or the URL image of your site.
  22. Featured Submissions:
    1. Full refund will be issued, if your link is NOT approved.
    2. No refunds will be issued, after your link has been approved.
    3. Deep Links are allowed.
    4. Your site will be listed above regular links for 1 year. After 1 year, your site becomes a regular link.
    5. Your listing will never expire.
  23. Regular Submissions:
    1. Full refund will be issued, if your link is NOT approved.
    2. No refunds will be issued, after your link has been approved.
    3. Your listing will never expire.

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