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To which web directory should I submit? What are the key attributes of a good web directory?

Date: Mar 30, 2017
Tags: Web Directory, SEO, Google Page Rank

Here is some food for thought.

  • Is their content original? Do the editors write their own quality blogs? They should!
  • Are most of the links added by editors? Yes, most quality links should be added by editors themselves! A web directory should serve all people and do good for society. Do good karma (for free).
  • Is it free for all or does it require a fee based review? "Free for all" is not good! There must be an honest review system. Any authentic review will cost money. Editors will need to spend time, to review the website submission.
  • How long has the web directory been in service? Will the web directory survive Google's Mood (search algorithm) Changes!
  • What is their revenue model? Is it a money making business or their genuine passion. You cannot make much money with Web directories these days! How much are their expenses? Web directories with heavy expenses do not survive. They will survive only if they are lean (zero waste), self-independent (have their own servers/tech-stack, code, the whole shebang!).
  • Most users do not go to web directories looking for information, unless it is a Niche Directory. Does the web directory specialize in a specific topic?
  • Does it use its own technology or is it based on a web directory template, which anyone can buy. Most (ready to go) template based web directories do not survive for long. They need to know how to build (code) and maintain their web directory themselves. How much effort did they put in making their web directory?
  • Does Google index its pages? Does the content change? Is the content fresh? Are the editors adding new original content?
  • How much does it cost to get included? High Cost does not mean High Quality! Do they charge "per year" (it may be too much). Note: Yahoo Directory had this model and they are dead today.
  • Do they charge for link removal? It should be free! Do not hassle the customer!
  • It is secure? Do they use HTTPS? World is moving towards HTTPS! Keep customer's data and interaction safe.
  • What other features does the web directory have?
  • Are they mobile compatible? If the website does not display well on mobile phone or tablet, then it will not survive for long. Google will penalize them, too.
  • Is the web directory flooded with Ads? No! Good web directories do not need to survive on Ads.
  • Do they ask for reciprocal links? Reciprocal linking may get you banned (by Google). One to One link exchange does not help, now a days.
  • Is the Link Text and Description honest or is it just a marketing sales pitch dictated by the link submitter (buyer). Good web directories decide on what the Anchor Text and Description should be.
  • Is the Web Directory design good? Is it easy to navigate? Does it have all the basic categories? Does the Search work?
  • Can you contact them? Do they respond to your emails?
  • Where are they located? If your content/web site is for US audience, then submit to web directories based in US. Would you submit your US based website (Target Country = USA) in a Web Directory that caters to India, China or Russia!
  • Page Rank is gone for good! Google does not provide Page Rank anymore. You should not care about Page Rank of a website. Inspect its quality, instead. Spend some time with the web directory and get the feel.
  • Just FYI: Matt Cutts does not work for Google anymore. He resigned as of 31st, Dec, 2016. Google will keep evolving; it's algorithms will keep getting better and better. Look for an honest, hardworking and passionate web directory, and you will be fine (you will get your ROI).

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