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Hindu Temples in Florida

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  • Hindu Temple of Southwest FloridaHindu Temple of Southwest Florida
    We are a group of people around Southwest Florida, who are interested in keeping the spirit of Hinduism alive for this generation and many more to come. Started in January 2008, the building is completed now. Maha Kumbabhishekam was performed on June 12th, 2011.


Hindu Temples in Casselberry

Casselberry (1)

  • Hindu Temple at Casselberry, FloridaHindu Temple of Central Florida
    The Hindu temple of Central Florida is built as per the vedic traditions and Vastu Shastra. It's construction was completed and opened to the Hindu community in Central Florida on June 19, 2005. Today, the temple has become an integral part of the Hindu community in terms of religion, congregation, philosophies and spiritual traditions. Apart from being the principal place of worship, it has, over a period of time, become the center reflecting the diverse facets of India's vibrant pluralistic culture and art.

Hindu Temples in Davie

Davie (2)

  • Shiva Vishnu Temple of South FloridaShiva Vishnu Temple of South Florida
    A traditional Hindu temple based on Vaasthu and Agama Shaastras. Imparts religious, educational and cultural values of Hindu Dharma to Hindu community and future generations.
  • South Florida Hindu TempleSouth Florida Hindu Temple
    South Florida Hindu Temple is a place where hundreds of people come together for collective prayers each Sunday morning. The Temple's culture is one of inclusiveness and celebrates festivals from all corners of India. The weekly schedule includes: Rudra Abhishekam, Hanuman Chalisa, Lakshmi Ma puja, Ma Saraswati puja and monthly havan. Beyond it's overwhelming architectural beauty, it also is a place where Education is valued. Children from all corners of India come together in the most appropriate of learning environments to learn the values and principles of Sanatan Dharma. The program is in English and the focus is on Character Education straight from our scriptures. Adult group studies with various books are also offered. South Florida Hindu Temple goes beyond religious and education programs. The temple is constantly buzzing with cultural activities through out the week and not just during festivals. The temple offers, Bharatnatyam classes, Tabla lessons, Kathak classes and Yoga classes to children and adults.

Hindu Temples in Inverness

Inverness (1)

  • Florida Shirdi SaiFlorida Shirdi Sai
    The construction of the new center started in 2004, in Inverness, Florida. On march 25, 2005, Shirdi Sai Florida Center commenced pooja in the new Temple with Murthi Prathishthapna and three days of celebrations. Over 2000 devotees from all parts of Florida and other states participated in the opening celebrations. The temple has now become a prime place of pilgrimage for Shirdi Sai Baba devotees and attracts many visitors throughout the year. Expansion plans are in place to develop facilities to provide the devotees the devotional experience similar to the one they would have during their visit to Shirdi, India.

Hindu Temples in Jacksonville

Jacksonville (1)

  • Hindu Soceity of NE Florida
    Hindu Society of NE Florida's primary objective is to operate the temple as a place of worship for the Hindu families living in and around the North East Florida (Greater Jacksonville) area. In addition the society aims to serve the spiritual, cultural, religious education and social needs of the Hindu community.

Hindu Temples in Orlando

Orlando (1)

  • Shri Shiv Dham Hindu Temple and Yoga AshramaShri Shiv Dham Hindu Temple and Yoga Ashrama
    Shri Shivdham Hindu Temple is the spiritual center of the Orlando Hindu community. The Hindu mandir or Hindu temple is a place of worship for Hindus, followers of Hinduism. The Orlando Hindu temple is dedicated in offering a place for Hindus in Orlando to practice their faith in a peaceful, tranquil and spiritual environment. A unique feature of this Orlando Hindu mandir is its international congregation which is reflective of the Orlando Hindu Diaspora. The Shri Shivdham Hindu Temple is committed to serving the Orlando Hindus and the larger Central Florida community in their endeavor towards a spiritual path to oneness with god.

Hindu Temples in Pine Hills

Pine Hills (1)

Hindu Temples in Tampa

Tampa (2)

  • Hindu Temple of FloridaHindu Temple of Florida
    The Temple demonstrates - unity in diversity – the core belief of the Hinduism through installation of various Gods and Goddesses for devotees to worship. It is written in our scriptures, "EKO DEVAHA VIPRAHA BAHUDHA VADANTI" meaning, "The God is one – wise men give different names". On the second floor of the Temple, the presiding deity Lord Satya Narayana (Lord Vishnu), in his resplendent grace is at the center of the west wall. Goddess Lakshmi with her beaming brilliance, and Ram Parivar including Shri Ram, Lakshaman, Sita Devi, and Hanuman are on His right. To His left are Lord Shiva in the form of Shiva Lingam and Shri Krishna with His consort Radha Devi. Facing Him to his left are Lord Subramanya, and Godesses Valli and Devasena. Facing Him to his right is Lord Ganesha giving blessings. Columns on the south wall exhibit figurines of five of the ten avatara (incarnations) of Lord Vishnu. Columns on the north wall exhibit figurines of five forms of Lord Shiva. The exterior walls of the temple are also well decorated with mural such as Nataraja (Shiva), Vishnu, Geetopadesh (bestowing Geeta to Arjun by Shri Krishna) and Gyanopadesh (bestowing knowledge of Vedas by the Lord to rishis). The Temple was built in the original Hindu architectural style in 1996. There is highly ornate Raja Gopuram (main entrance gate) at the second floor level - believed to be one of the tallest in the country. The grand staircase is flanked at the ground level by Shri Jay and Shri Vijay dwarpalaks (gate keepers). The community hall is on the first floor, complete with a performance stage. Since the Temple's inception the community has benefitted in retaining the culture heritage and religious way of life. Temple has three well trained priests to perform all religious services as prescribed in the Agama Shastra (original scriptures). The Temple also has Prasad Sadan to serve food. The Temple helps in educating the community religiously, culturally, socially, spiritually and academically. The community services include, free Vidyalaya (Sunday school) where students prepare for SAT English, SAT Math, public speaking, essay writing, comparative religion; Shloka (holy verses), Gita study, Yoga, and languages such as Tamil, Kannada, and Telugu. Temple also provides educational tours to schools, colleges and churches for diversity education and provides well educated experts for classroom lectures upon request. The Temple has several committees for devotees, volunteers and youth to participate in various activities and have a fulfilling spiritual and religious experience. The Temple is centrally located at 5509 Lynn Road, Tampa, FL 33624 in Carrollwood with easy access to highways.
  • Sanatan Mandir Tampa
    The Sanatan Mandir Project was initiated by the Hindu Samaj of Tampa in 1995 to help, promote and preserve the hindu Heritage and Culture and pass on to the next generation. Sanatan Mandir Tampa is located in Downtown Tampa, Florida on 311 East Palm Ave. Just one block east of palm ave and Florida traffic light. Join us Every Thursday for a special Pooja - Bhajan & Satsang starting 7:00 P.M followed by Maha Prasadam. Facilities Available at the Mandir include a prayer hall and a kitchen with a dining hall.

Hindu Temples in Windermere

Windermere (1)

  • Santoshi Maa MandirSantoshi Maa Mandir
    Temple dedicated to Santoshi Mata. Activities include Arya Samaj Havan, Yoga Classes, Indian Music and Dance Classes and Bhajans.

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