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Hindu Temples in Kansas

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  • Hindu Temple and Cultural Center of Kansas CityHindu Temple and Cultural Center of Kansas City
    Kansas City Hindu Temple is a magnificent place to serve the religious and spiritual needs of the members of the Hindu community (including Jain community) residing in Greater Kansas City area. In 1982, a group of active members of the Kansas City Hindu community proposed to build a temple in the Kansas City area. There were several reasons for building a temple. The first and foremost reason was to have a place of worship for the Hindu community. The second reason was to make the next generation familiar with the religious teachings and traditions of the first generation Hindu immigrants, with the hope that, our rich heritage would stay alive in future generations. The third reason was to have an appropriate place to share our culture and belief systems with other faith communities. Throughout history America has been a place of religious freedom. People have the fundamental right to practice their own faith freely and openly. Since the local Hindu community was growing, it was a laudable proposal to build a temple where Hindus and Jains could offer prayers and puja services in accordance with their age-old customs and traditions. Another important consideration was that the temple would be a place where Hindus coming to Kansas City area from different traditions in India and elsewhere would congregate which could help unify the local Hindu community.


Hindu Temples in Wichita

Wichita (1)

  • Hindu Temple of Greater WichitaHindu Temple of Greater Wichita
    The mission of Hindu Temple of Greater Wichita (HTGW) is to provide a welcoming place for Hindus to gather, worship and celebrate our Vedic culture and traditions. Our devotees are from all over India and the world so we observe all of the major Hindu festivals. The HTGW provides and enhances cultural interactions by conducting various Hindu religious and cultural activities. HTGW provides a unique place to practice and learn about Indian culture, traditions, and values. HTGW enhances pride in Hindu religion for present and future generations.

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