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Hi Friends! Sharing with you how to make sweet and sour tofu/paneer veggie. This recipe is a hit in my family. Once you try it, you will love it. It is quick, easy, healthy and delicious. Its just like restaurant style! Ingredients: Fried Tofu Cubes, 1 Packet Onion- Cut in big pieces, 1/2- 1 cup Red Pepper-Cut in big pieces,1/2- 1 cup Green Pepper-Cut in big pieces, 1/2-1 cup Green Onions-finely cut Red Chilly Flakes:1-2 tsp Soy Sauce: 2-3 Tbsp Honey: 2-3 Tbsp Ketchup :2-3 Tbsp Hot Sauce: 1-2 Tbsp White Vinegar: 1-2 tsp Oil: 2-3 Tbsp Minced Ginger- 1-2 Tbsp Minced Garlic- 1-2 Tbsp Salt to taste Directions: Fry the tofu. Recipe at https://youtu.be/vZ_fYA9o2E4 In a pan/wok add some oil and heat. Add minced ginger and garlic and cook till light brown. Now add onions. Add red chilly flakes, mix and saute for few seconds. Add all veggies( red pepper, green pepper, broccoli). Mix and cook for few minutes. Do not overcook. Veggies should stay crunchy. Next add hot sauce, ketchup, white vinegar, soy sauce, honey, salt. Add fried tofu , mix and cook for few more minutes. Sprinkle some green onions. Sweet and sour tofu veggie is ready. Enjoy this delicious recipe! Please subscribe and share my channel. Lets make this channel a Hit! Love & enjoy!
Hi Friends! Sharing with you how homes in USA look like. In this video you can see what all is inside these houses and price of these houses. If like this video and would like to watch more home tours and their prices do write down in the comment section and I will bring more house tour videos for you soon. Please subscribe to my channel and share this video with your friends. Lets make this channel a HIT! Love and Enjoy!
After spending a long time in hair color aisle in Walmart, I finally decided on buying Loreal Paris UL61 shade. The color shade on box showed that if you had black color hair it would change to gold/blond hair. I left hair color for 50 Minutes and I am sharing the final result in this video. The color is not exactly what was shown in shade card, it is more reddish than gold! What do you think of this shade on me? Let me know your thoughts:) Please Share and Subscribe to my channel. Hit the bell icon ...it will notify you when I put new videos. Love & Enjoy!
Great and quick recipe. Fruit Cream is yummy and great to serve as dessert. No cooking is required and it only takes about 5 minutes to make it. It's healthy as it is full of fruits and served chilled its ideal for hot summers! Please Share and Subscribe to my channel. Love & Enjoy!
Sharing the beauty of snowfall. Lovely snow covered trees, rooftops, roads and cars. The snow makes you sit and appreciate the beauty of nature. Watching and feeling tiny flecks of snow falling in just out of this world. This video is dedicated to all who live in places where it does not snow and who have not seen snow yet in their life. Please Share and Subscribe to my channel. Love & Enjoy!
I am excited to use this Flawless Hair Removal and share my thoughts and first impression. I have tried a few As Seen on TV products and my experience has not been good. So before using this product I had my doubts. This product in box looks nice and sleek but the real question is ...Does This Work? Watch this video to find the answer :) Please like, share and subscribe to my channel. It's totally FREE! Love & Enjoy!
Driving in USA is different than the driving in India. The Steering wheel is on the left side and its right hand driving. So Right is Left and Left is Right here.Basically, Its opposite to Indian driving. Also sharing other cool facts of driving in United States. Hope you find this video informative. Please subscribe to my channel and hit the bell icon. It's Free! Love & Enjoy!
There are so many recipes on YouTube. All these videos on YouTube show how fast and easy it is to make them . They present the final product so beautifully that one is tempted to try it. Here is one such recipe I tried and had my son taste it. The truth of this recipe which boasted of great end result is revealed in this video! Watch it...it will surely make you laugh! Please share and subscribe to my channel. Love & Enjoy!
Happy Lohri ! Hope you had fun this lohri and all those in India celebrated it and danced hard from our side too. These festivals are the times when all family members get together and enjoy. This Lohri we got together with our friends, had dinner and sang songs. In all we had a fun-filled night, but missed India. Please Like and Subscribe to my channel. Love and Enjoy!
In Part 2 of Denver Museum, we visited Wildlife, Native Americans and Expedition Health exhibits. We are all different, we are all the same is the thread running through the Native American exhibition hall. In the Expedition Health exhibition gallery, you experience highly-interactive, highly-personalized activities, look at microscopic cells from your own body in a laboratory, participate in live demonstrations and programs, and meet new "buddies" who will help you learn about your health. A fun experience. Hope you have as much watching it as we had making this video for you. Please share and subscribe to my channel. Its free!! Love & Enjoy!
Sharing our trip to Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Loved every moment of it. Saw astronauts, spaceships, robots, mars, rovers, dinosaurs, mummies, animal life, insects, human body, imax, gates planetarium and many more exhibits. Learned so much and had a lot of fun. Please like and subscribe to my channel. Love & Enjoy !
Morning surprise ! Life in America is full of surprises. One of many was today! Got up to screaming and shouting of my son who was trying to wake me up. Grumpily, I got up and had the most beautiful surprise. Sharing this with you. Hope you have fun watching it just like I did seeing it. Wild life (deer) in front yard! Sharing Egg snack recipe for you to try and enjoy! Please Like and Subscribe to my channel. Love & Enjoy!
Sharing all the stuff I bought from Walmart, basically grocery and some Christmas stuff on clearance. Hope you enjoy my Walmart haul and a glimpse of my life in USA. Please like and subscribe to my channel. Love and enjoy!
Sharing how life in USA is like. How and where we shop in America for groceries. Here in USA, people generally shop and stock up for at least 1-2 weeks. Showing you Walmart, store where most Americans shop. Hope you like and enjoy this video. Please like and subscribe to my channel. *Do not forget to click the bell icon .It will notify you whenever I upload a new video * Love & Enjoy!
Sharing my recipe for making green colored pooris. This is very healthy and great trick to get some green vegetables into our kids diet. This is a great recipe to use in parties. This will be hit if you are planning kids party. Ingredients: Wheat Flour Spinach Water Oil In a blender blend spinach. Use Wheat flour, this finely blended spinach and water (if needed) to make a dough. Heat oil in pan and make pooris from dough and fry them. Please hit the bell icon and it will notify you when I upload new videos. Love & enjoy!